Böse Spiele(2021)

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Two men, two brothers, their childhood home in Lower Austria. They drink to their late mother, they bury her. Then they drive back to their real lives. One back to Romania, to resume living his newly begun life, the other to Rimini, to go back to dreaming his old dream. But sooner or later both their pasts will catch up with them.


... Ritchie

... Krankenpflegerin

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Questions fréquentes sur Böse Spiele

Where can I watch the Böse Spiele on the Web?
You can watch the Böse Spiele online at
Who directed the Böse Spiele?
The Film director is Ulrich Seidl
Who starred in the Böse Spiele?
Michael Thomas, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Georg Friedrich played the leading parts in the Böse Spiele
How long does the Film last?
The running time of the Böse Spiele is 90 minutes